Write a research paper

Write a research paper.

Write a research paper on the impact socioeconomic status has on this cultures access to care. Please include information about: health care delivery systems such as: cost effective care (health insurance), preventive care, treatment plan, health promotion and patient centered care etc.
Discuss the impact socio-economic status has on their specific culture access to care. Discuss all of the barriers that get in the way of this cultures access to appropriate care (for example: poverty, language barriers, location) Include a discussion on healthcare delivery systems such as lack of insurance(cost effective care), agreement on treatment plan, or access to health promotion and resources.
In addition, discuss social determinants and health disparities within this population as well as cultural healing practices, or alternative treatments methods.
Consider Social Determinants of Health are conditions in your natural environment that affects an individuals or groups access to health care. Check out Unit 4 PowerPoint-(slide 8) for more information on Social Determinants. Include: if this culture prefers non westernized medicine over westernized medicine. Discuss their cultural healing practices and alternative treatment methods. If this culture prefers Westernized please include this and discuss why they prefer this form of treatment. Lastly, discuss prevalent health disparities such as: chronic heart disease, asthma, birth mortality, diabetes, hypertension etc.
 Lastly, select a cultural competency model that best supports this cultural group, and explain why the model was selected. Use the model to address techniques and challenges in providing culturally competent health care/services to your specific population
Choose any model of cultural competence (Powerpoint 6) and address why you chose this model for this specific culture. Why did you choose this model? How is this the best approach for providing culturally competent care ?


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Write a research paper


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