U S Civil War History

U S Civil War History.




Reflections of the Civil War at this point (1861-1862)
You are a soldier or officer during the Civil War. You have come from a military family that has fought in all
major wars since the American Revolution. You are descended from the Revolutionary War soldier you wrote
about in Unit II. It is Christmas Eve 1862, 10 days following the Battle of Fredericksburg. After, you take a
pencil and paper and write your reflections of the last two years and the effect this has had on your country and
you. Like your ancestors, you want to document the moment and your knowledge of the war for historical
Begin with where, why, and how you believe this entire war started, and touch on many of the main issues
(leaders, challenges, turning points, major battles, weapons, or tactical innovations, etc.), and end with your
hopes for the future of your nation (Confederate or Union). Keep the following points in mind as you write your
Are you hoping to see a peace emerge soon and reconciliation with the enemy?
Do you believe that the war will continue on, and why?
How do you believe this will all turn out for your nation and your family?
You are encouraged to be creative with the assignment, but make sure you are using facts from what you have
read and learned to guide you. Ensure that you address the following.
Identify notable innovations and tactics used by your army.
List major figures or groups associated with the Union and Confederate military operations in the war.
Explain what challenges your military has faced.
Relate what you believe a soldier (Confederate or Union) would have experienced.
Your essay must include an introduction. An introduction example could be, “I am writing this diary to give my
personal insight of being in the” (select either a Confederate or Union) “camp on Christmas Eve, 1862.”

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U S Civil War History


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