This part is the continuation of the other parts attached below in the project.

This part is the continuation of the other parts attached below in the project..

This part is the continuation of the other parts attached below in the project.
Part 7: Brand Recommendations for Your Focal Brand to Improve Its Competitive Position—1000 words (due with final
Based on the issues you have identified in Parts 1 – 6, clearly articulate a strategy for increasing your brand’s market
share. After this brief statement, present three well-founded ideas for improving the distinctive competitive advantage
of your focal brand. Be sure to provide analysis and logic for each, along with pros and cons for each
recommendation. Again, these tactical recommendations should be soundly and visibly linked to your previously
articulated strategy (Part 6) and should be based on the analysis you provided earlier in the paper.
Additional Key Instructions:
• The report should be single-spaced with double spaces between paragraphs/sections, default margins, 11-point font.
• Use subheadings to organize your report and provide structure for the reader.
• Bold specific marketing terms that we have covered in class lectures and are taken from your text.
• The final report must contain a minimum of five figures (charts, exhibits, graphs, tables, or useful illustrations).
These are not included in the word count. They should be embedded within your surrounding text as this will make
it easier to read for your boss.
o Make sure that you label each figure and also refer to the figure within the text (see Figure 1).
o Avoid confusing, uninformative, ill-conceived, simplistic, and sloppy figures!
o You may locate a figure during your research which you wish to include. This is allowed as long as the
source is cited properly.
• I will require that at least three of your five figures are created by yourselves. The Simmons data is a natural source
for at least two figures.
• Make sure your writing is concise and to-the-point and your claims are based on objective evidence.
• The tone of the report should be formal and professional, so choose your wording appropriately; points will be
deducted for informal writing (e.g., avoid slang, shorthand, etc.)
• Please make sure that you cite sources within the text.
• Your citations should include the author(s) name(s), the title of the publication, date of the publication, the source
name, and a website (where appropriate). If you include a hyperlink to your articles, make sure this can be accessed
by all readers of the document! More information regarding citation format will be provided by the Kogod Center
for Business Communications (KCBC). APA style is preferred, but other styles will be accepted.
• Remember: Your overall goal is to demonstrate your writing skills and your understanding of the concepts and
principles discussed in this course.

This part is the continuation of the other parts attached below in the project.


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