The future of policing.

The future of policing..

You will write a five-six page, rhetorical analysis, of two articles (that represent opposing viewpoints). Essay’s Purpose: To examine how each author/article argues their point of view and to ultimately decide whether one author makes a more effective/convincing argument or if they are equally as convincing.

Keep in mind that you are not arguing a position or whether you agree or disagree with the writer’s argument.
Your Final Grade Will be Based on How Well Your Essay:

Addresses the assignment (analyzes the essays from a rhetorical perspective
Contains a thesis statement that makes an overall claim about both arguments, rhetorical elements you are analyzing in order to come to that conclusion, and which article is more effective/convincing
Invites the reader in with an engaging introduction (which not only provides biographical info. about the authors but possibly a summary of the essays you’re analyzing) and closes with a satisfying conclusion
Contains cohesive, focused, body paragraphs with topic sentences that relate back to your thesis
Contains a logical, comparison/contrast structure and organization that includes transitional expression throughout the paper
Maintains audience awareness (avoids overusing “I” and stays on topic)
Incorporates evidence (direct quotes, paraphrases, and summary) from the arguments you are analyzing and at least one other source: “Backpacks vs. Briefcases…,” “Logical Fallacies,” etc.
Is nearly free of punctuation, mechanical, and spelling errors
Is five-six pages, typed, double-spaced and formatted in MLA style



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The future of policing.


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