Teaching and Learning Philosophy (

Teaching and Learning Philosophy (.

Page One: Teaching and Learning Philosophy (550 words)
Draw on the readings and tasks completed in the learning topics for this unit and compose your teaching and learning philosophy or beliefs. This includes your responsibilities as an educator and the ethical and socio-cultural values that underpin your beliefs.
Consider the following:
What do I believe is the role of a teacher?
What do I believe is the role of a student?
Why do I teach?
What does good teaching mean for me?
What can my students expect from me?
What are my professional learning needs.
Post your beliefs statement in your Digital Professional Portfolio on your Home page or Dashboard page. Write in first person point of view
Page Two: Relevant Clearances required for Teaching (100 words)
In a paragraph, explain the clearances you need to work as a teacher in NEW SOUTH WALES. Briefly outline why these clearances are necessary.
Page Three: Plan for Reflecting on and Documenting Evidence against the Graduate Teacher (350 words)
Consider the following:
Why do I need to reflect on the artefacts I collect? Reflective Practice
How and when can I collect artefacts that meet the Graduate Teacher Standards – Give specific examples of artefacts you have collected and intend to collect. What AITSL standard does it meet and how will I present it?

Teaching and Learning Philosophy (


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