System of government that relies on Representative Democracy.

System of government that relies on Representative Democracy..






Our founding fathers created a system of government that relies on Representative Democracy. Many American voters do not understand exactly what our representatives do. Use the “Interactive Learning module” linked here: (Links to an external site.) to work the “Deciding How to Vote in Congress,” “Some Public Criticisms of Congress,” and The Dynamic Legislative Process” learning modules (see the menu on the left after you click on the link above). Using the material presented in each learning module, write a page or more on what you learned in each module. More information on what to include on each module in your essay is below:

How a Member Decides to Vote: In this module you need to report your experiences as you participated in the activity. Be specific. Describe the different viewpoints presented regarding the issue of the “flag amendment” that is presented in the module and report what you thought about those viewpoints. Be specific. For example your paper should report “Who said What and Why” regarding the issues. Your paper should also contain several sentences of analysis regarding each “Who said What and Why” presented in the module. How did you vote? Why? What viewpoints influenced you? Why? What did you learn? Did the activity cause you to become more concerned about the viewpoints of others? Do you have any comments about the process?

Public Criticisms of Congress: Describe the different Criticisms of Congress presented during the activity. Analyze each criticism and report your viewpoint regarding the criticism. Again, be specific. Each viewpoint presented must be reported, along with your viewpoint regarding the criticism.

The Dynamic Legislative Process: Compare the textbook version of how a bill becomes a law to the Dynamic Legislative Process presented in the module.

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System of government that relies on Representative Democracy.


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