Setting-up Your MBA Program Digital Portfolio

Setting-up Your MBA Program Digital Portfolio.



This week you set up a website for your MBA Program Assessment digital portfolio. Your website/digital portfolio will include artifacts (signature assignments) from each of your core courses to demonstrate your learning in the MBA program. This digital portfolio is something you can use in interviews as you take the next steps in your career.

This assignment you only need to create a webpage for this class, post your short introduction biography on the site, and create pages for the core program courses where you can upload your artifacts throughout the term.

create your website (see details on how to do this below);
Step 1: Create Your Website
Select and set up your website using Wix or Google Sites.
Name your website: “Your Name’s MBA Program Portfolio”.
Include images and backgrounds that emphasize your focus but be careful that these are not too distracting. Your website should represent you as a business professional.
Create the following pages on your website. You should have one page for each core MBA course and a biography page:
Biography – Add a short biography, as the author of the site.

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Setting-up Your MBA Program Digital Portfolio


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