Project Deliverable:

Project Deliverable:.

Project Deliverable: The following Literature Review using a Systematic or Meta-synthesis methodology. The literature review must include the following topics: sources of teacher stress in non-pandemic life, ( ie traditional sources of teacher stress), sources of teacher stress in remote schooling (pandemic and non-pandemic), the general effect of a pandemic on productivity, health burnout stress ( as it relates to teachers). Use all the pertinent resources/articles, if it gets too broad feel free to narrow the parameters down. Here are two that should help. The studies referenced should be US-based only. The ideal target population is teachers in primarily urban public/low-income schools. Notes: 1. The writer must have access to Academic databases. It can not just be based on Google Scholar and JAMA resources. It must include academic and medical/healthcare journals included in reputable databases. 2. Please indicate search parameters and academic databases used, I have shared a sample literature review document as an example. Additional Context: Research Question for which we are doing this literature review: How does a teacher’s schedule (blended vs fully remote) impact teachers’ stress, productivity, health and burnout, etc? Definitions: Blended: Teachers that work from school and home, or just at school. Some portion of their day involves in-person interaction with children, administrators and school staff. Remote: Teachers that work from home 100 percent of the time Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions.


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Project Deliverable:


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