Progressive exposure to human resources or related field.

Progressive exposure to human resources or related field..



Describe your experience in a role with progressive exposure to human resources or related field.
Describe your experience in a managerial role within human resources or related field for one of the major
program areas (e.g., Affirmative Action & Employee Relations, Recruitment & Selection, Training &
Development, Benefits & Compensation, Organizational Development).
Describe your experience working with, and/or knowledge of, federal, state, and local labor laws, statutes,
ordinances, and reporting requirements (e.g., EEO, FLSA, ADAAA, HIPAA, USERRA, and FMLA).
Describe your experience managing a work team or unit of 5 or more people (e.g., experience as a manager
[i.e., supervisory experience], responsible for setting goals and making key decisions at a team or unit level,
worked with a budget for a team or unit, responsible for evaluating the performance of those within a team or
Describe your experience supporting the implementation and monitoring of work unit strategy (e.g., responsible
for a concrete process improvement effort, developed and implemented a strategic initiative, responsible for
managing and delivering results on a high-level project at the team or unit level [i.e., more than individual level
Describe your experience interacting with key internal and external stakeholders (e.g., experience working in a
high stress environment involving multiple constituents, responsible for a function that delivers services to
internal and external customers, held roles involving forging positive interpersonal working relationships,
responsible for the development and growth of multiple others [e.g., coaching activities, formal mentoring],
responsible for delivering complex communications to multiple parties [verbal and/or written]).
Describe your experience working in environments that require adherence to high professional and ethical
standards (e.g., exposure to essential work tasks and/or processes in non-profit or government, or in a private
organization that has constraints resembling those in the public sector

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Progressive exposure to human resources or related field.


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