PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint presentation.

I need your help please with the presentation PPT with about 5-7 minutes speech and this is related to the same case study that you done it for me. Read information below please thanks.
2.5.3 Presentation Weight: 10% Type of Collaboration: Individual Due: 11:59 p.m. Sunday, May 23, 2021 Submission: In-class presentation, online submittal of voice over slides (digital compression for transmission is critical) or USB submittal of voice over slides presentation. Format: PowerPoint Length: 15 mins Curriculum Mode: Presentation Write a presentation about the same topic featured in the Case Study assessment. Students are encouraged to fully explore their presentation content and style before presenting. Slower, clearer delivery helps most speakers exhibit confidence. A mastery of the content assists presenters in relaxing and letting their natural presentation gifts show themselves to the audience. Make this presentation more of a conversation between yourself and interested third parties. Record in software that will allow the viewer to see your physical presentation, your slides, & hear your voice all in one file – Zoom seems to be best suited however, use what you think is best to satisfy these conditions. See the grading matrix for attributes encouraged and rewarded. Resources: The University of Western Sydney Library: e-resources, library staff, and paper publications accessible to students vUWS: see recommended readings and other resources available.

PowerPoint presentation


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