NRMT90018 Human Resource Management HR assignment 代写

NRMT90018 Human Resource Management HR assignment 代写.

NRMT90018 Human Resource Management HR assignment 代写
 FACULTY OF VETERINARY & AGRICULTURAL SCIENCESNRMT90018 Human Resource ManagementSemester 1, 2017The University of MelbourneBuilding 142, Royal ParadeParkville VIC 3010 AustraliaiPUBLISHED BY: FACULTY OF VETERINARY & AGRICULTURAL SCIENCESTHE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE, VIC 3010NRMT90018 Human Resource Management – 2017 The University of Melbourne 2017All these materials are subject to copyright. Apart from copying permitted under the Copyright Act and itsamendments, neither this book nor any part of it nor audio visual programs associated with this book, may bereproduced in any form or by any means, without written permission.2

NRMT90018 Human Resource Management HR assignment 代写ContentsYour lecturer: Associate Professor Ruth Nettle  3Profile  3Contact  3Teaching staff  3Tom Phillips- Tutor  3Introduction to Human Resource Management  4Objectives  5Assessments  6Assessment and Relationship to objectives  6Due dates  6Important academic policy re assessment deadlines  6Assessment requirements  6Submitting your Assignment  6Assessments for this subject  6Assessment A  7Assessment B  9Assessment C  17Teaching Approach  18Reading  18Referencing  18Legal disclaimer  18Bibliography  19Library hours  19Timetable 2017  20Plagiarism Statement  23NRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016Your lecturer: Associate Professor Ruth NettleProfileRuth Nettle leads the Rural Innovation Research Group in the Faculty ofVeterinary & Agricultural Sciences. The Rural Innovation Research Groupconsists of a team of social scientists conducting research, teaching anddevelopment for addressing critical issues of innovation and change in ruralcommunities, farming systems, and the management of human and naturalresources.Ruth teaches on-line and face-to-face undergraduate and postgraduatesubjects in innovation and change, human resource management, socialresearch methods and leadership.Ruth helps agricultural industries and natural resource managementagencies design, implement and evaluate research, development andextension programs and has worked with the dairy, cotton, grains and meatand livestock sectors as well as rural communities and State governments inVictoria and New South Wales.Between 2006 and 2012, Ruth was the lead researcher for Dairy Australia’sPeople in Dairy program (, conductingresearch into human resource management practices, their impact on farmbusinesses and sectoral workforce development, as well as supporting thedevelopment of interventions and policies for ‘valuing people’.ContactTelephone: +61 3 8344 4581Email: staffTom Phillips-TutorTom worked with OneFarm (Centre of Excellence in Farm BusinessManagement) based at Massey University, New Zealand. He holds a MAgScand BAgSc.His role was primarily connectivity with rural professionals and farmerswhich includes website management, webinars, blogs and socialmedia/digital strategy, and group extension work, and some farmmanagement teaching to final-year degree students. His research areas areMaori Trust Farm Governance and Management, the use of social media byrural professionals and farmers, and a Living Lab social science project“Knowing Rivers” in Taranaki. Prior to his academic career, Tom worked for40 years as a dairy industry / farm consultant in NZ, Australia, Taiwan, UK,France, Ireland and a number of other EU countries including Latvia and theNetherlands.Kulanthi Salgado  Kulanthi has studied Human resource management and organisationalpsychology and is currently completing her PhD on skilled migration inthe Australian dairy industryNRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016Introduction to Human Resource ManagementNRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016Managers in both small-medium enterprises and larger organisations require anunderstanding of the strategic and operational role of human resource management(HRM). It has long been recognised that the effective deployment and development ofhuman resources constitutes one of the key areas of competitive advantage for modernorganisations.The subject introduces principles of strategic HRM for organisations and evaluatesmodels and approaches for the performance of key HRM functions applicable to alarge range of agri-food and agri-business organisations across value chains (e.g.farms, processors, professional services, government, R&D organisations). Topicsinclude: human resources planning; job analysis and design; recruitment and selection;managing diversity and work-life balance; performance management; remunerationand reward; training and skills development; industrial relations and workplace healthand safety; human resources leadership.The subject builds on the Leadership subject (NRMT90017) in identifying thecontribution of HRM to organisational development and organisational effectiveness.ObjectivesThe objective of this subject is to extend the participant’s ability to:-  Understand the strategic and operational roles of human resourcemanagement (HRM) in agri-organisations-  Distinguish between the roles of the HRM specialist and the role ofthe agri-organisation line manager in performing operational andstrategic roles-  Evaluate different approaches to organising key HRM functionsrelated to innovation/competitive advantage such as teamdevelopment, and management of issues such as change, conflictand creativity. Functions covered include: human resourcesplanning; job analysis and design; recruitment and selection;managing diversity and work-life balance; performancemanagement; remuneration and reward; training and skillsdevelopment; industrial relations and workplace health and safetyhuman resources leadership-  Recognise the key features of the Australian industrial relationssystem and identify the sources and terms and conditions forrelevant employment categories for agri-organisations-  Have a general knowledge of issues associated with InternationalHRM particularly within multi-national organisations-  Appreciate the role of agri-organisation leaders and HR managers inorganisational improvement. NRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016AssessmentsAssessment andRelationship toobjectivesStudent progress will be assessed through various means. Theunderstanding and application of HRM theory and researchmethods will be assessed through two written assignments, andparticipation in the online discussion forum (details below).A comprehensive understanding of human resource managementin Australia and a broad understanding of international HRM, andits impact on organisational culture, performance, groupdynamics, and related topics, will be assessed through aliterature review and case study analysis during semester.Due datesThe due dates for Assessments can be found on the individualassessment outlines in this document.Important academicpolicy re assessmentdeadlinesNo extensions to the due date are possible unless reasonablerequest are made prior to the due date. Exceptionalcircumstances (as per the University policy) are provided here.Late assessments will attract a mark penalty of 10 % per day late.AssessmentrequirementsA reasonable standard of presentation is required. In exceptionalcases poorly presented or inadequate assignments may bereturned for re-submission. Any assessment that is returned willreceive no greater than a pass grade. Extensions may only begranted following a request in advance of the due date.Submitting yourAssignmentFor guidelines on how to present, and reference and format yourassignment, please refer to the Student Style Guide on the LMS.Assessments for thissubjectA Literature review Essay  25 %B Case study report  50 %C Discussion forum 25 %NRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016Assessment AEssay: Application of HRM theory into practice – 25 %Word limit: 1500 wordsDue date: Monday April 3rd at 5 pmStudents will examine the literature associated with one topic in HRM insome depth and apply this knowledge to either a real case studyorganisation/business or propose an application to a hypotheticalorganisation/business in the agri-food, agri-business, or land and naturalresource management sector.Assignment task1. Choose an HRM topic of interest to you from the weekly HRM topiclist (Weeks 1- 5).2. Write a literature review in the form of an essay about this chosentopic. The essay should cover:-  the relevance of the topic and the literature to the success oforganisations/businesses;-  current research about this topic; and-  ideas/suggestions on the application of concepts from theliterature or research into practice in an organisation/businessfrom the agri-food, agri-business or land and natural resourcemanagement context. The case examples could be sourced onthe internet or from discussions on case studies in the first 4-5weeks of class.Allocation of marksThe allocation of marks will follow the template below.NRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016NRMT90018 HRMAssessment A: Essay – Marking templateStudents __________________________________________________________Class Time ____________________ Date ___________________________Topic ________________________________________________Area ExpectationYour topic title  Ensure it is linked to one of the week’s topic content (choose from Weeks 1-5).Brief abstract  Ensure you include your findings and conclusion (200 words max)./2Introduction  What this topic is about and why it is important to businesses/organisations(300 words max)./2Body of essay withsubheadingsKey literature and research about the topic and its significance or contributionto business/organisation outcomes (how focusing on this aspect of HRMimproves outcomes); key elements or principles from the literature about thistopic; and debates in the literature associated with this topic./10Application to casestudybusiness/organisationWhat does the application of this topic of HRM look like in practice?:proposed or real examples.Ensure you identify any downsides from implementation and/or how successof implementing this aspect of HRM could be judged (i.e. propose indicatorsof successful implementation)./5Conclusion and

NRMT90018 Human Resource Management HR assignment 代写recommendationsInclude remaining gaps or uncertainties about this topic./2References  Minimum of 5 academic/journal paper references highly relevant to the topicof choice and to the application to your case study or hypotheticalorganisation./3Overall presentation  Easy to read; well laid out; follows academic standards; proofread./1TOTAL  Grade _________ / 25 %NRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016Assessment BChoose your own Topic Case Study – 50 %Word limit: 2500 wordsDue date: Monday 5 th June at 5 pmTask: Choose ONE topic; either A, B, or CNRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016OPTION A: Toward strategic HRM at your organisationReport on an agri-food, agri-business, or land and natural resource management organisationof your choosing. This is typically the organisation that you work within. If you are currentlynot working within an agr-ibusiness or agri-food organisation, then you should select abusiness that you know a little about, or for which information is available (e.g. online). Thismay involve contacting the HR Manager at the organisation for additional information.The final assignment involves drafting a report on your case study organisation that integratesyour learning and reading, and some of the tasks set throughout the course. It can be helpful toconsider your role as that of a consultant to the organisation and you are delivering a report tothe CEO.Submit a report on your organisation that focuses on Strategic Human Resource Managementand includes:1. A brief description of the organisation and its work force.2. A brief analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (includingcompetitive challenges) facing the organisation (SWOT).3. Related to strategic HRM and 1 and 2 above:a. provide an outline and analysis of the current performance management system andan analysis of the potential contribution of a new performance management system.b. provide an outline and analysis of the current training commitment in theorganisation relative to needs and how the concept of the ‘learning organisation’could be applied.c. provide an outline and analysis of the current OH&S policies and implementation andhow this could be improved.4. Conclude the report with a critical consideration of the concept of strategic HRM in theorganisation (i.e. the extent to which there is evidence of a strategic emphasis on HRM) andways to enhance strategic HRM in the business/organisation.The relative emphasis placed on the sections 3 a,b,c. should reflect the relative importance ofthese factors to your organisation and their relevance to confronting the challenges faced by theorganisation. In making your argument, you should draw on the HRM literature covered in thecourse and relevant to your discussion.There is a 10 % leeway limit however words in excess of 3000 will not be taken intoconsideration for assessment. While the word count does not include any appendices, youshould remember that material in appendices will not be taken to directly contribute to yourargument or case, but are to be regarded as supporting documentation only.A marking template for each option is be provided. On your cover page – make sure you identifywhich option A, B or C you have chosen.NRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016OPTION B: Strategic planning for human resources at the VET groupDevelop an HRM strategy in the form of a report for the VET GroupThe VET group business is owned predominantly by 8 major shareholders, with a 9 th share (insimilar size) being owned by 7 smaller investments held by employees of the business.The 8 major shareholders include 2 over 60, 3 in their fifties and 3 in their mid-late forties. Two ofthese shareholders have left the business and have sought alternative career paths. It isanticipated that in the next 5 years there will be at least 3 more of these shareholders exit thebusiness.The capitalised value of the business is $4M (a lot in good-will, equipment) with most facilitiesbeing leased.Who would want to own, manage and/or run this veterinary business in years to come?Considerations for the VET group are:  How do they motivate younger employees such that they will be prepared to stay (beretained) and invest in the business?  If veterinarians are employees only, with no equity or share in the business, does thatimpact on organisational commitment?  Would new investors, for instance from the younger veterinarians, want to see change inresponsibilities of employees and business owners to make them want to invest?  Professional service providers (vets) really suited to a corporate style of governance andleadership or do they need to have overriding responsibilities in management andleadership in the long run?Attraction and retention of staff are important issues for professional services and there is oftenlimited transition of ownership in veterinary businesses. Changes in the structure of professionalservice businesses will affect future professionals working in them, and the type of services theyoffer.The strategic plan for the Vet Group is available to you. Further, an attached scanned article fromthe current edition of ‘Vet Practice’ provides some background to the issues for veterinarypractices. Attracting and retaining dairy cattle veterinarians at The Vet Group given that theindustry has a reputation for low professional salaries, poor HRM practices and varied trainingand career opportunities is an ongoing issue.In your HRM strategy report, and from the perspective of attracting and retaining the interest andmotivation of veterinarians within and outside the business to enter into business ownership,ensure you cover:1. Work design and remuneration strategies2. Training and development strategies related to business management and businessinvestment and leadership3. Pathways into business ownership from a motivation/retention perspective  Ensure practical ideas are included along with supportive literature. Draw on as many aspects ofHRM that you feel are relevant, and support your recommendations with theory and academicliterature.  Note: Do not contact The Vet Group directly.NRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016If you have any questions, please forward them to Ruth (, and we willconsolidate these and ask for the Vet Group to respond.NRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016OPTION C: Turning it around at Best Beef Quality FoodsThis assignment choice involves a fictional case study business. All resources for this case studyare available on the LMS under the ‘BestBeef’ website link.You are working in a consultancy team focusing on improving HR performance in small-mediumsized businesses. You have been brought into Best Beef Quality Foods (BBQF) by the ManagingDirector, Frank Best to advise on how productivity and performance at BBQF can be improved.You will be notified when the Best Beef website is active on LMS.Frank admits that the company is not performing very well. The company has grown steadily overthe past few years as the scope and scale of the business has expanded but there are problemswith profits and productivity.Frank wants a report that outlines the issues and possible initiatives or reforms that could beconsidered. He has indicated that staff have been told that a review of HR policies and practices isgoing to be undertaken, but that there won’t be any redundancies as a result. He has also statedthat he is prepared to spend some money to ‘turn things around’ at the workplace but that thecompany does not have much money and he will need to be convinced that reforms will lead togood returns that can be realised within twelve months.You can find out more about Best Beef Quality Foods by following the link to the website. We’veeven had a chance to interview some of the staff in preparation for the review.You need to prepare a written report that recommends specific HR reforms and initiatives settingout the options and recommendations, including justification. Where appropriate, support theserecommendations with insights from the academic literature. While the report can address anyHR issues and recommendations it is expected that the report will at minimum address threeareas of HR practice:1. Performance management and appraisal2. Remuneration management3. Diversity management and work-life balanceThe report should be structured according to these three topics and may include reference orrecommendations pertaining to other areas of HR practice and policy. The balance of the reportshould reflect the priority and importance you attribute to areas of HR practice and policy in thecontext of the problems confronting BBQF. Costings and timelines for change should beestimated.For the purposes of the assignment you may assume other facts, providing they are consistentwith the background provided.NRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016NRMT90018 HRMAssessment B: Case study – Marking templateOPTION A: Strategic HRM at your organisationStudent ____________________________________________Topic ____________________________________________ContextA brief description of the organisation and its work/3AnalysisAn analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats(SWOT) (including competitive challenges) facing theorganisation. Highlight how the SWOT overlaps with Strategic HRMconsiderations./7Consideration of at least3 areas of strategicHRM to thisorganisationA consideration of the current performance management system andan analysis of the potential contribution of a new performancemanagement systemAn analysis of the training commitment, needs and the possibleapplication of the concept of the ‘learning organisation’.An assessment of the current OH&S policies and implementation.The relative emphasis placed on each of the above sections shouldreflect the relative importance of these factors to your organisationand their relevance to confronting the challenges faced by theorganisation. In making your argument, you should draw on the HRMliterature covered in the course and relevant to your organisation./30Critique strategic HRMA critical consideration of the concept of ‘strategic HRM’ and itsapplication to your organisation and the challenges it faces/5ReferencesA minimum of 5 relevant HRM journal papers and additionalappropriate references./2Overall lay-out andpresentationA professional report that can be sent to client as is./3NRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016NRMT90018 HRMAssessment B: Case study – Marking templateOPTION B: Strategic planning for human resources at the VET groupStudent ____________________________________________Topic ____________________________________________Executive summary Include findings and conclusions for the VET group/3Introduction Outlines your understanding of the issues for the Vet group andthe request/5An analysis of the issues forthe VET Group  Work design and remuneration strategies  Training and development strategies related to businessmanagement and business investment and leadership  Pathways into business ownership from amotivation/retention perspective/10Provide solutions withjustification from literature  Retaining and developing vets to increase organisationalcommitment and co-investment in the business  Ways to attract and retain the interest and motivation ofveterinarians within and outside the business to enter intobusiness ownership.Ensure that it is consistent with the business strategy, and willnot cause a negative impact on other aspects of the business./20Conclusion andrecommendationsConclude with link back to VET group Strategic Plan;consideration of cost-benefit of suggested changes / realism ofchanges.How the suggestions will make a real difference to the VETGroup./7ReferencesA minimum of 5 relevant HRM journal papers and additionalappropriate references./2Overall lay-out andpresentationA professional report that can be sent to the VET Group as is./2NRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016NRMT90018 HRMAssessment B: Case study – Marking templateOPTION C: Turning it around at Best Beef Quality FoodsStudent ____________________________________________Topic ____________________________________________Executive summaryInclude findings and conclusions for BBQF./3IntroductionOutlines your understanding of the issues for BBQF and theassignment/report./7Consideration of at least 3areas of strategic HRM toBBQFA. Performance management and appraisal system and ananalysis of the potential contribution of a new performancemanagement system.B. Remuneration management.C. Diversity management and work-life balance.In making your argument, you should draw on the HRM literaturecovered in the course and justify relevance to BBQF.Provide solutions and justification./30Conclusion andrecommendationsConclude with link back to BBQF needs; consideration of cost-benefit of suggested changes/realism of changes. How thesuggestions will make a real difference to BBQF – what they canexpect and over what time frame./6ReferencesA minimum of 5 relevant HRM journal papers and additionalappropriate references./2Overall lay-out andpresentationA professional report that can be sent to BBQF as is./2NRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016Assessment CDiscussion Forum  – 25 % (5 % per Forum post)Word limit: 300 words/Forum post (excess words will not be marked)Due dates: 1) March 6, 2) March 20, 3) April 3, 4) May 1, 5) May 15Due time: 9 amStudents are expected to discuss and engage with fellow students onissues of HRM over the semester by responding to questions posed onthe LMS. Online participation in the Discussion Forum each week is anintegral component of this subject.Each discussion Forum is marked (5 marks) and a score out of 25 isprovided for the Forum overall at the end of the subject. You will beprovided with a mark for each discussion forum. The subject coordinatorand tutors will also engage in the Forum.A minimum grade of 50 % is required in this component.Marks are allocated according to: –  Your participation/engagement with other students’queries/debates/statements (2);-  The quality of questions posed or the contribution you makebased on examples AND literature that are highly pertinent tothe week’s topic (2); and-  Posts that are succinct and to the word limit (1).NRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016Teaching ApproachReadingThe study schedule presented on the following page is therecommended minimum requirement for this subject. Studentsshould engage in additional reading of the scholarly Human resourcemanagement literature in order gain to a greater appreciation of thesubject covered.ReferencingIt is important that you refer to your Faculty’s Student Style Guidefor appropriate referencing techniques.Legal disclaimerThe materials for this subject have been prepared for the purpose ofstudy by students undertaking the FVAS Masters programs. Whilstall due care has been exercised in the preparation of thesematerials, it is not asserted that they are fully comprehensive oraccurate in every detail.NRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016BibliographyThese lists are merely guides as to what you should purchase or borrow to assist you withyour studies.Library direct to Baillieu Library: telephone136352Library hoursBaillieu Library hours during semester are: 8.30 am – 10.00 pm M, TU, W, TH8.30 am – 6.00 pm F11.00 am – 5.00pm SAT, SUNGiblin Eunson Library hours during semester are:9. 00 am – 9.00 pm M, TU, W, TH9.00 am – 6.00 pm F11.00 am – 5.00 pm SAT, SUNRecommendedtextKramar, Bartram, De Cieri, Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, Wright(2014). Human resource management: Strategy, people,performance. 5th Edition. North Ryde, NSW: McGraw-Hill.Copies are available at the Co-op Bookstore at the Parkville campus.The publication is also available as an electronic copy from McGraw-Hill.Reading listA reading list will be available for each week of the subject20Timetable 2017Week/Date  Topic/Theme  Content and delivery  Face-to-face workshopsDoug McDonnellBuilding 309 – DenisDriscoll theatretteAssessment dueWeek 1What is HRMHRM: Rhetoric or reality?Strategic HRM  Lecture 1  Tutorial 1  Discussion Forum 1  ReadingsFriday 3rd March at 9.30amTP, KSOn-line Discussion Forum 1:  Posts close Monday 6th March at 9 am“Introductions and expectations”Week 2Attractive workplaces    Lecture 2  ReadingsFriday 10 th March at 9.30amKSWeek 3Productive employees  Greening the workplace  Strategies to boost productivity andwellbeing?  Lecture 3  Discussion Forum 2  ReadingsFriday 17 th March at 9.30amGuest lecture: Dr Kate Lee:does a ‘green’ workenvironment increaseemployee productivity?“Assignment help andcourse questions” (TP)On-line Discussion Forum 2:  Posts close Monday 20th March at 9 am“ Attracting and retaining employees”Week 4Keeping talented employees  Retention-turnover  targeted strategies, blanket  Lecture 4  Tutorial 2  Assessment 1 due  ReadingsFriday 24th March at 9.30amCase study: provided byTom PhillipsLiterature Review Essay – 1500 words (25 %):  Due April 3th at 5 pm  Submit via Turn-it-in on the LMSAssessments page“Application of HRM theory into practice-choose own topic”Week 5Training a workforce  Training not just important for skills  Lecture 5  Discussion Forum 3Friday 31 st March at 9.30amKSOn-line Discussion Forum 3:  Posts close Monday 3rd April at 9 am“Training and motivation”Week 610 th AprilHRM and Innovation pt 1: Managing diversity  How HRM enhances innovation in anorganisation/business; diversity  Lecture 6Friday 7th April at 9.30 amCase study provided byKulanthi SalgadoNRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016Week/Date  Topic/Theme  Content and delivery  Face-to-face workshopsDoug McDonnellBuilding 309 – DenisDriscoll theatretteAssessment due NON TEACHING PERIOD: Friday 14 th April-Sunday 23 rd April inclusiveWeek 7HRM and Innovation pt 2: Remuneration andreward management  Pay strategies  Things besides pay are important  Lecture 7No workshop (Good Friday)Non-teaching-mid-semesterbreak from Friday 14 th .Week 8HRM and Innovation pt 3:Towards more strategic performance appraisal/management  Lecture 8  Discussion Forum 4Friday 28 th April at 9.30amCase study provided by TomPhillipsOn-line Discussion Forum 4:  Posts close Monday 1 st May at 9 am“Performance pay and work-life balance”Week 9Keeping to the rules(Industrial relations), (International HRM)Theme: “Would western HRM work under IR lawin China?”  Lecture 9  Tutorial 3Friday 5 th May at 9.30 amKSWeek 10Review/refresh – Assignment help  Lecture 10  Discussion Forum 5Friday 12 th May at 9.30 amCase study provided by ChrisHibburt (the VET group)On-line Discussion Forum:  Posts close Monday 15 th May at 5pm“Reflections and learning”Week 11Leadership and HRM    Lecture 11Friday 19 th May at 9.30 amTPWeek 12Evaluating your HRM strategy /HRM metricsSubject wrap  Lecture 12Friday 26 th May at 9.30 amAssessment B due MondayJune 5 thTP, KSCase study – 2500 words (50 %):  Due Monday 5 th June at 5 pm  Submit via Turn-it-in on the LMSAssessments page

 NRMT90018 Human Resource Management HR assignment 代写A. Toward strategic HRM at your organisationNRMT 90018 – Human Resource Management 2016Week/Date  Topic/Theme  Content and delivery  Face-to-face workshopsDoug McDonnellBuilding 309 – DenisDriscoll theatretteAssessment dueB. Retaining, developing and motivatingyounger and experienced workersTurning it around at Best Beef QualityFoodsTeaching staffCo-ordinator: A/Prof Ruth Nettle: Tom Phillips; Kulanthi Salgado23Plagiarism StatementThe University and the Faculty of Veterinary & Agricultural Sciences take plagiarism and otherforms of academic misconduct seriously. Depending on the severity of the misconduct, you maybe suspended or expelled from the University.The University Statutes and Regulations can be found at: University Academic honesty and plagiarism site has further information on academicmisconduct and plagiarism: Human Resource Management HR assignment 代写

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NRMT90018 Human Resource Management HR assignment 代写


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