MGT3LWM – Leadership: What Matters 代写

MGT3LWM – Leadership: What Matters 代写.

MGT3LWM – Leadership: What Matters 代写

There are four assessments for this subject, details of which are provided in your Subject Learning Guide. Please download and review this Guide which contains important information about this subject.

Assessment One: Group Presentation and Individual Reflection (20%).
  • Part 1 Group presentation (to be held either week 6 or 7 in your workshop) and
  • Part 2 Individual reflection on the group work, due Monday 9am beginning of week 8
Assessment Two: Individual written essay 1,500 words (30%)
  • Due date: Monday 9am Week 11
Assessment Three: Four Online Quizzes (10%)
  • Online quizzes will be held at the end of week 2 (closes Sunday midnight beginning of week 3), 4 (closes Sunday midnight beginning of week 5), 7 (closes Sunday midnight beginning of week 8) and 11 (closes Sunday midnight beginning of week 12). For each quiz you can receive up to 2.5 marks towards your final result.
Assessment Four: Final Examination (40%)
  • The final examination will consist of short answer questions. It will be a 1.5 hour exam held during the exam period (date to be confirmed).
  •  Assessment One: Group PresentationInstruction for Self Selection into a group:
    • Click on the Assessment 1 Group Selection activity to put yourself in a group of no more than 5 people.
    • Groups must be diverse in at least two of the following criteria: gender, cultural background and academic major.

MGT3LWM – Leadership: What Matters 代写

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MGT3LWM – Leadership: What Matters 代写


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