MECM40006_Public Relations and Communications 代写

MECM40006_Public Relations and Communications 代写.

MECM40006_Public Relations and Communications 代写

Assessment Details
MECM40006_Public Relations and Communications 代写·        
Summary Table and Hurdle Requirements

15 min Class Presentation 20% Week 2-11
2000  words Case Study


40% 11:59pm September 15, 2017


2000 words Research Essay 40% 11:59 November 6, 2017  

·        Assessment Details

MECM40006 Public Relations and Communications
Semester 1 2017 Subject Assessment

1. Class Presentation 20% (weeks 2-11)
Students will be allocated to groups and will be required to deliver a 15minute presentation covering one of the tutorial questions listed for their particular topic. It is expected that students engage with the ideas in the weekly readings but students are not to simply summarise the readings.  

Presentations should:
1.        Be no more than five slides or 15 minutes. Presentations that run overtime will be penalised at the time of grading.
2.        Involve all group members
3.        Contain a current example which helps the class understand the weekly topic
4.        Relate to communications/public engagement problems and opportunities and not issues around marketing or branding
The presentation should be brief and designed to provoke further discussion among the class as a whole. It should conclude with a question or comment for class discussion – with the discussion moderated by the presenter (with support from the tutor, as required). Your presentation need not be formally prepared and read aloud, you should aim for casual and engaging. 
2. Case Study 40%

Each student will write a 2000-word case study analysis. You are to develop a case study by selecting an organisation and an issue with which it is associated, so that you can examine it in terms of what might be learnt from how the organisation dealt with the problem or opportunity that you have chosen to discuss. You should critically discuss:

How the issue, relevant stakeholders and the broader set of social, political, economic technological, environmental, and legal forces impacting your chosen case were defined.

Determine the different public relations functions that are relevant to your case e.g. media relations, crisis communication, investor relations, digital communications, corporate social responsibility, reputation management and so on …
Describe the case making specific reference to the rationale behind why you think certain decisions were made and what learnings emerge from hindsight. 

Discuss any legal or ethical issues arising from your analysis of the case under examination.
3. Research Essay  40%
This 2000-word essay consolidates your understanding of the practical aspect of the public relations functions discussed in the unit. It also helps you develop your ability to situate the ‘real world’ practice within the theoretical argument. 
Essay Topics will be distributed in Week 4. Students have the opportunity to formulate their own topic in consultation with their tutors. 

MECM40006_Public Relations and Communications 代写

·        Assesment 3 Essay Questions – Choose ONE Topic
Topics TBC
The essay is due at midnight on  TBC June 9,
Crisis communications is a field of professional communications that requires a continued attention to identifying stakeholder groups and maintaining good stakeholder relations. Systems theory can be used to better understand how different stakeholder groups are linked to an organisation, and it can be used to set communications objectives and prioritise certain activities within overall public engagement and communication strategies. Making reference to ideas such as ‘communication symmetry’ and using relevant examples (of good and bad practice),  discuss how complexities in managing multiple, and often competing, stakeholder needs and expectations creates challenges for the work done by public relations practitioners.

PR practitioners and journalists have a complex relationship. It is said that these two groups of communications professionals have a common interest but very different agendas and this is what makes media relations such an important part of contemporary practice. Using examples where relationships between the government, corporate or not for profit sector and the media have become problematic or strained address the questions: what can public relations practitioners do achieve better coverage of their messages? What issues do journalists face when working with public communications departments? Address the concepts of ‘agenda setting’ and ‘news values’ from your work in the unit.

Language is important in how publics make sense of things. Using relevant examples of media releases and other public relations material show how language is strategically used to influence, manipulate, or produce behavioural/attitudinal change among public constituencies.  

Just because a certain public relations strategy is legal does not mean that we can assume it is also ethical. Using an example explore a code of ethics that relates to PR practice (PRIA, MEAA etc.) suggest potential additions, revisions and translations that might address some of the shortcomings of these codes. In addressing this question make reference to ethical traditions such as social contract theory, utilitarianism or virtue ethics and how they relate to contemporary public relations practice and specific ethical dilemmas within PR work. It is expected that you work through alternate courses of action in your response looking specifically at the validity and real-world applicability of your proposed solution to solution to the ethical issue you’ve chosen for discussion.

Some argue that corporations build value by engaging in philanthropic and corporate social responsibility initiatives whereas others might think that such activities syphon earnings into areas unrelated to a company’s financial success. Discuss this statement from the perspective of investor relations as a key public relations functions. 
Recent understandings of PR emphasise the responsibility practitioners have towards the publics and stakeholders they engage with, as well as society ‘at large’. There are calls for the discipline to become more self-reflexive about its influence within the ‘public sphere’, and for practitioners to advocate within organisations for the interests of publics and stakeholders. Is this a meaningful change in the identity of PR, or an idealistic notion aimed more at improving perceptions of public relations? Discuss drawing on examples, and concepts such as communications symmetry and relationship management.

 MECM40006_Public Relations and Communications 代写

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MECM40006_Public Relations and Communications 代写


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