MARI004 Observe regulations to ensure safe operation of a vessel up to 80 meters

MARI004 Observe regulations to ensure safe operation of a vessel up to 80 meters.

MARI004 Observe regulations to ensure safe operation of a vessel
up to 80 meters
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For all questions note the NSCV part and section if applicable
Information for this module can sourced in NSCV Marine Orders parts
A to G
Spaces between questions may not reflect the space required for your answers
Please use A4 paper for scanning purposes
To assist with information for your assignments we have referenced a guide next to the questions
Question 1 Internet
Write out the full title of the following legislation and what a brief description of their objectives they cover;
(a) IMO
(b) USL Code
(c) NSCV Part B
(d) NSCV Part C Section 7
(e) NSCV Part D
(f) Marine Order 504
(g) Maritime Safety (DCV) National Law Act 2012
(i) STCW10
(k) TOMP (A)
(l) TOMP (R)
(m) Marine Orders
(n) TOMS (Act)
(o) TOMS (Regs)
(p) IMDG Code
(q) ISPS
(r) OH & S (Maritime) ROG 2008
Question 2 Marine Order 504
(a) What is a S.M.S.
(b) What are the 12 basic sections it should contain
(c) What is the primary function of the S.M.S.
(d) Who is responsible for keeping it updated?
Question 3 Marine Order 504
Within the S.M.S. is a Risk Register and Procedures
(a) What activities should be covered by this
Work-safe, Qld.
(b) List the various steps to make up a procedure
Marine Order 504
(c) How often do these procedures have to be reviewed?
Question 4 AMSA website and Handout
Provide a definition of a marine incident as listed on the AMSA website
Question 5 AMSA website and Handout
What are your reporting obligations as master in the event of a marine incident as per AMSA website
Question 6 Maritime safety information
MSI is designed to give Mariners information relating to;
• Navigation safety warnings
• Meteorological warnings
• Meteorological forecasts relevant to within specific coastal areas
• Search and Rescue information
• Other urgency related messages
(a) How do you receive this information within the EEZ outside VHF coverage
(b) What information could I expect to find in Notice to Mariners
Question 7 Marine order 504
What does Marine Order 504 say about your responsibilities as Master to ensure crew members are qualified
Question 8 Marine order 504
Under Marine order 504 what is the difference between appropriate crew and minimum crew – who makes
that decision re above
Question 9 Scenario
What certificates would you expect to find onboard a 23m workboat operating in 2C survey in Morton Bay
(No gas appliances)
Question 10 NSCV Part B
NSCV regulates vessel class and operation areas for all commercial vessels
(a) List them and describe their parameters
(b) What legislation states your obligation to comply with the above
Question 11
(a) What certificate and documents carried onboard dictate how many people
can be carried loaded on different decks
(b) what would be your actions if this was exceeded?
Question 12 Marine order 504
Marine order 504 lists the mandatory information to be recorded in a logbook
(a) As Master you would want more than the mandatory information recorded why?
(b) How do you instruct the watchkeepers about what information you want included?
Question 13 Marine order 504
Marine Order 504 contains recommendations and instructions on emergency drills and crew training
(a) List both sections
(b) How and when would you conduct
(i) MOB drill (new crew)
(ii) emergency steering (crew has been onboard six months)
(c) What would you record and when
Question 14 NSCV Part C Section 4 and handout
(a) What fire risk category is a 150 passenger ferry 35m operational area C (ref Table 1)
(b) What spaces require a fire detection system (reference Table 10)
(c) What portable fire extinguishers are required by space (ref. table 8)
Question 15 USL Code Section 11
The USL Code find and list the fixed and portable firefighting equipment to be carried
(for Q 14)
Question 16
What do regulations say with reference to assisting a vessel in distress
(a) What are your obligations
(b) What would you consider prior to assisting
(c) If your vessel is registered as I.D can you assist a vessel 28 n ml off shore
Question 17
(a) Do you have to record any VHF radio conversations
(b) Can any crew member operate the vessels VHF radio
(c) What vessels must have a garbage management plan under legislation
Question 18 MSQ and AMSA website and Handout
What are the Masters responsibilities with respect to;
(a) prevention of pollution to the marine environment
(b) what legislation covers this: both Federal and State
(c) how do you monitor that crew are complying to procedures and instructions?
(d) sighting a sizable slick
(e) When would you submit a POLREP report
(f) Who do you submit the POLREP form to when and how
Question 19 MSQ WEB and handout
On your current vessel, what system is used to make sure certificates and surveys are not overlooked
Question 20 Scenario
You are at sea when you notice some minor item has failed and no longer complies with legislation and
technically the vessel is unseaworthy – list in detail all your actions
Question 21 Under marine safety (DCV) National Law Act 2012, Schedule 1 Division 3
What does it say about your responsibility with regard to seaworthiness
Question 22 Example handout
Make up a new crew induction check list and attach for your SMS – the vessel is 23m ferry in 1D survey –
position general deckhand
Question 23 Marine Order 504
Under legislation what are the requirements for “Emergency plans” – what do they have to include and where
are they to be displayed
Question 24
Where would you find information regarding live firing practices and details of the areas
Notice to mariners
Marine Orders
Local newspaper
Hydrographic office
Question 26
Write up a detailed report to the owner following a glancing blow to a 28m catamaran ferry whilst docking
your 22m monohull workboat — No injuries, but nasty tear on the stbd aft quarter of the ferry.
Listing how it happened — weather — tide what information was exchanged
Any recommendations
(Remember this report will be examined by AMSA and insurance company)
End of questions

MARI004 Observe regulations to ensure safe operation of a vessel up to 80 meters


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