Management assignment代写:竞争对手是昆士兰书店

Management assignment代写:竞争对手是昆士兰书店.

Management assignment代写:竞争对手是昆士兰书店

作为奥地利的杂志专业户,从2009年开始,Mag Nation在墨尔本开业,Mag Nation书店专注于在零售店提供优质的服务和种类繁多的书籍。现在玛国书店有4000多本杂志,这被认为是比奥地利其他书店的一大优势。在书店里,一方面,Mag Nation的员工大多拥有专业的知识和技能,以便为顾客提供更好的服务。另一方面,各零售店也注重顾客的需求。例如,他们为顾客和读者提供一些真皮沙发、咖啡和免费Wi-Fi。 当我们考虑跨国公司目前的竞争对手时,我们必须考虑跨国公司与其竞争对手之间竞争的一些重要因素。例如,我们需要比较两家公司的相同优势,思考两家公司的业务相似性,最后总结出它们之间竞争的一些关键原因。 首先,我们认为Mag Nation公司目前的主要竞争对手是昆士兰书店。说到昆士兰书库书店,我们不得不介绍一下他们的背景和在图书市场上较强的竞争力。一方面,昆士兰书店遍布昆士兰州和新南威尔士州,因此他们在这些地方都有书店和商店。这意味着它的业务可以覆盖澳大利亚的广泛领域,在澳大利亚境内的门店数量高达40家。另一方面,由于这些原因,昆士兰书店是澳大利亚最大的书店比其他企业。

Management assignment代写:竞争对手是昆士兰书店

As the magazine specialist in Austria, from 2009, Mag Nation opened in the Melbourne.Mag Nation bookshop focuses on providing the good services and a wide variety of books in the retail store. Now Mag Nation bookshop has more than 4000 magazine titles, this is viewed that a big advantage than other bookshops in Austria. In the bookshop, on the one hand, the staffs of Mag Nation mostly own the professional knowledge and skills so that they could offer the better services to customers. On the other hand, the each retail store also pay attention to the needs of customers. For example, they offer some leather sofas, coffee and free Wi-Fi to customers and readers. When we consider the current competitor to the Mag Nation Company, we have to think over some important elements of the competition between the Mag Nation Company and its competitor. For example, we need compare the same advantages of the two businesses, think over the business similarities of the two companies, and finally offer the summarized some key reasons of the competition between them. In the first place, we think the current main competitor to Mag Nation Company is Queensland Book Depot bookshop. When comes to the Queensland Book Depot bookshop, we have to introduce the background and their stronger competitive in the book market.  On the one hand, the bookshops of Queensland Book Depot across the states of Queensland and New South Wales,so they have all bookshops and stores in these locations. It means its business could cover a wide range of areas in Australia and the number of their stores up to 40 within Australia. On the other hand, due to these reasons, Queensland Book Depot bookshop is the largest bookstore than other businesses in Australia.

Management assignment代写:竞争对手是昆士兰书店

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Management assignment代写:竞争对手是昆士兰书店


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