Key characteristics of transportation systems

Key characteristics of transportation systems.

1. Describe three of the five key characteristics of transportation systems described on pages 74-75 of your text that have an impact on security measures. Compare these characteristics between the United States’ intercity passenger rail transportation network and the United States’ interstate highway network. (5pts)

2. Describe two specific vulnerabilities of the United States’ roads and bridges. Provide specific examples of these vulnerabilities. You can describe vulnerabilities mentioned in ASCE infrastructure vulnerability assessment on pages 95-96 of the text or pick other vulnerabilities to describe. (5pts)

3. Based on the transportation system topology and traffic flow data provided below, assess and rank the security threat to each node, and each link on the network. You need to provide screenshots (insert them below this question) for 5 tables used for the analysis. Please refer to slide 24-31 for examples. (5pts)

4. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) oversees a number of security related administrations other than the TSA that protect our nation’s transportation system. Provide a one-page description of one of these other agencies. Describe their purpose, the size of the organization, and an example of one security threat the administration is designed to address. (5pts)


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Key characteristics of transportation systems


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