Interview Analysis

Interview Analysis.




Below are some questions you can build off of for your interview guide. Be sure to also collect basic demographic data (e.g., gender, race, relationship status, income). Use the research from your occupational profile and annotated bibliography to inform what demographic information is relevant. If you ask about sensitive information (e.g., sexuality, income), be prepared to face resistance from your interviewee and be able to reassure them that their confidentiality will be upheld. It’s also helpful to explain why you’re asking for the information and how it will be used.

Sample Questions:
1. What kind of work are they involved in outside the home?
2. When did they start doing this kind of work?
3. What kind of education/job qualifications did they need? How did they acquire those credentials?
4. What is the gendered make up of their workplace? How do they think that might impact the work environment?
5. Have they ever seen men and women treated differently in their occupation? Can they give an example?
6. Who is responsible for the domestic work in their family? How were these decisions made in dividing up the household labor?
7. What issues do they experience (if any) with work/family balance?

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Interview Analysis


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