International Perspectives FIP001 代写

International Perspectives FIP001 代写.

International Perspectives FIP001 代写

International Perspectives FIP001

Project BriefInternational PerspectivesFIP001SEMESTER 02, 2017Credit points : 6Subject Coordinator : Mariana RodriguezDeadline : Week 5 (end of class)ASSESSMENT TASK 1 : WEBSITE GAPMINDER WORLD(WEIGHT 35%)TASK DESCRIPTION

International Perspectives FIP001Your assignment is to use Gapminder World to write three sections investigatingdevelopment in your country from 1900. You will critically analyse what the data used inGapminder World means and how we measure „development‟. You will discuss yourcountry‟s „trail of development‟, highlighting relationships, trends and events. You willconsider what conclusions you can draw from your data and the ways in whichGlobalisation processes have shaped your country‟s development.This project will comprise of 450 – 600 words and a selection of 3 images fromGapminder World.LEARNING OUTCOMES Source, select and organize information cohesively according toacademic conventions;

International Perspectives FIP001 代写 Develop knowledge about theoretical perspectives on Globalisation processesand understanding of the effects upon individuals, communities, and nations todemonstrate understanding of the relationships among these components; Explore, analyse and evaluate variations in the role and effect ofGlobalisation processes upon individuals, communities and nations. Acquire practical ICT, design and technology skills in order to addresschallenges posed by processes of Globalisation in an innovative manner.Note : The information in this subject outline was correct at the time of printing. However, you should checkeStudent regularly for any updates to the information contained in this subject outline.INSEARCH CRICOS provider code: 00859D I UTS CRICOS provider code: 00099F INSEARCH Limited is a controlled entity of the University ofTechnology, Sydney (UTS), a registered non–self accrediting higher education institution and a pathway provider to UTS.BRIEFThe aim of this assignment is to develop your data analysis, research, writing and presentation skills.The assignment also aims to develop your understanding of global patterns and macro-trends, focusingon key-aspects of global development as it relates to your home country. This will help you develop acurrent, fact-based world-view that will provide a good grounding for further study on the dynamicGlobalisation processes impacting the world and your home country.Using Gapminder WorldTo undertake the research necessary to complete this assignment you would need to attend yourscheduled Workshop in Weeks 2 and 3 where you will learn how to navigate Gapminder World.Attached to this Project Brief is a User Guide that shows you how to use Gapminder in terms ofbuttons and features.Analysing your country’s ‘trail of development’Use the „select‟ panel on the right hand side to choose your home country to focus on.You will examine average life expectancy and income per person over time and addressthe following points:  Explain the importance of the Gapminder graph very carefully. “Life expectancy”appears on the vertical axis (y axis) and “Income per person” on the horizontal axis (xaxis). Define what Life Expectancy and Income per person mean (which requiresdefining “GDP per capita”).Examine the data showing your country‟s development since 1900.During what time period does life expectancy change drastically?During what time period does income per person changedrastically?  Use a number of “screen shots” to highlight the significant changes you have identified.Your assignment must contain a minimum of 3 screen shots.  Research historical events that may be likely reasons for these dramatic changes andthat help explain your country‟s trail of development.Look at web sources to figure out causes for the changes.What possible conclusions can you draw?  What is the link between income and life expectancy? (think about why more moneymay improve health outcomes)Can you see any evidence of the impact of Globalisation in yourcountry‟s trail of development?Academic English componentThis assignment aims to build your writing and presentation skills. Your assignment will need to includewritten text components (between 450 – 600 words).It is important that your written expression conveys ideas clearly. Your spelling and grammar needs tobe correct, and vocabulary choice and expression appropriate.ReferencesYour assignment must contain a list of all the research references used for your project. The list ofreferences must follow the UTS Harvard Referencing Style Guide.1DEADLINEYou must provide a draft on week 4 during the second part of your weekly workshop. The finalproject dead line is at the beginning your scheduled Workshop in week 5. To submit yourassignment, you need to Create a page in your FIP001 folder as part of your e-Portfolio. Submit a copy of your text to Turnitin by the end of your workshop 5.You will find a link to submit your assignment on UTS Online under „Assignments‟.Anything handed in after the above will incur late penalties. Please check theSubject Outline for late penalties.Aim to keep your Turnitin score under 25% to avoid a penaltyAll work must be spell checked and grammar checked.ASSESSMENT CRITERIASelection of material and use of Gapminder World40%Level of understanding about development and Globalisation 20%Quality of research 20%Quality of written communication (including referencing)20%International Perspectives FIP001

International Perspectives FIP001 代写

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International Perspectives FIP001 代写


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