Industrial organizational

Industrial organizational.


Imagine that you have been hired as an I/O professional to develop an effective job analysis for high school
teachers. Write a 3-4 page paper where you will look at the professional competencies of an I/O professional
and identify the tasks, duties and KSAOs needed for successful performance as a teacher. The job analysis
results will also be used in the future to develop valid job criteria, a performance appraisal system, and
selection procedures for hiring new teachers, and to determine how much the job will pay.
Remember your assignment is not to develop a performance appraisal system or develop selection criteria, but
to conduct a thorough job analysis that can be used for several functions such as recruitment, performance
management, training and development, selection, and job evaluation.
You will need to include the following topic:
Specify what job analysis method(s) you will use to define the tasks and worker requirements (KSAOs needed)
Identify an adequate number of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) needed to obtain reliable judgments in
determining the essential job tasks and duties.
Identify the KSAOs you think are necessary for would be relevant to a high school teacher.
Provide sound justifications based on I/O principles for your decisions.
Identify three I/O professional competencies that would be required for the development of the job analysis.
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Industrial organizational


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