FNCE20003 Personal Finance 个人理财 assignment 代写

FNCE20003 Personal Finance 个人理财 assignment 代写.

FNCE20003 Personal Finance 个人理财 assignment 代写FNCE20003Introductory Personal FinanceASSIGNMENT 1Semester 1, 2017Prepared byCarsten MurawskiDepartment of FinanceFaculty of Business and Economics2FNCE20003 Introductory Personal FinanceAssignment 1Semester One 2017ADMINISTRATIVE ARRANGEMENTSDue date: 8:00 am on Monday, 1 May 2017Lateassignments:Late submission assignments may attract a penalty unless an extensionhas been granted. Extension requests should be made through theAssignment Extension link on LMS. All extension requests must be madeprior to the assessment due date and supported with appropriatedocumentation.Unless an extension has been granted, penalties to the assessment will beapplied.For assignments submitted after the due date, the mark awarded will bereduced by 10% for each day the work is late.For assignments submitted later than 5 working days (or 1 week if due ona weekend) after the due date will not be marked and will receive nomarks.Where tosubmit:Assignment submission is via the LMS Assignment Submission link forall written assignments. Please refer to the LMS Student Guide: TurnitinAssignments for detailed submission instructions if needed.Group size: The assignment is a group assignment. The maximum number of studentsis 4.Cover sheet: You should include your details on the first page of your assignment.This will enable us to easily identify student submissions:Subject Code and NameStudent Numbers of all group members3Full Names of all group membersAssignment Name or NumberWord limit: The word limit is 1,500 words. Assignments exceeding the word limitmay be penalised. The word limit does not include the abstract,graphs/tables, footnotes or bibliography.Marks: This assignment counts 10% towards the final mark in this subject.ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSThe assignment must be your own work. Students are encouraged to discuss theassignment and to share information sources. However, the writing of each group’sassignment must be conducted separately and independently. Where use has been made ofthe work of others (for example, through your reading of books, articles or webpages)appropriate recognition must be given via quotation marks and referencing. Failure to givesuch recognition is plagiarism and will result in the annulment of your mark for theassignment. Other disciplinary action may also be taken.Essay presentation issuesTyping: Use either double spacing or 1½ spacing.Grammar,punctuation andspelling:Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling are expected.Develop a planBefore you start working on your assignment, it is a good idea to write a brief plan. In thisplan, you list the topics you want to cover and the order in which you wish to discuss them.Before you start writing you can adjust your plan so your argument flows properly and youdo not use ideas or concepts before you have explained them to the reader.4Use of graphsTo illustrate your answers where you believe this will assist understanding, use graphs.Choose your graphs carefully and try to be precise – too many can make an answer hard tofollow. To use a graph correctly, you must:Carefully label the graph – Each graph should be titled and all axes and curves should belabelled. Lines and symbols should be clearly identified.Discuss the graph – Discuss the graph in words and relate it to your essay.Use of references: The Harvard SystemReferences in the text give the author’s surname, the date of publication and, if a quote orspecific fact is referred to, the page number as well. For example: ‘In this section wereplicate the Fama and French (1993b) tests on our sample of Japanese stocks…’The abbreviation ‘et al.’ may be used where there are more than three authors as follows:‘See Chordia et al. (2005) for a discussion of market liquidity…’When citing several references to support a particular point, list them chronologically andseparate them with semi-colons:‘Financial economists have extensively studied the cross-sectional determinants of U.S. stockreturns (Merton, 1973; Ross, 1976; Fama & French, 1993).’How to cite references in your essay reference list or bibliographyA. BOOKSMarkowitz, H.M., 1991, Portfolio Selection. Blackwell Publishers, Cambridge, MA.B. JOURNAL ARTICLESBrau, J.C. and S.E. Fawcett, 2006, ‘Initial public offerings’, Journal of Finance. Vol.61, pp. 399-436.C. ARTICLES OR CHAPTERS IN BOOKSKarolyi, G.A. and Stulz, R.M., 2003, ‘Are financial assets priced locally or globally’ inHandbook of the Economics of Finance, edited by G.M. Constantinides, M. Harris andR.M. Stulz, Elsevier: North Holland, Amsterdam.5D. NEWSPAPER ARTICLESByrne, Henry, ‘Short season spoils analysts’ concentration’. The Australian FinancialReview, 17 March 2006, p. 31.6FNCE20003_Assignment 1 InstructionsBackground:Increasingly, technology is being used to deliver existing financial services and to providenew types of financial services. Most large financial institutions as well as a large number ofstart-ups are actively developing new ways to do finance. Examples include Paypal, ApplePay or FourSquare. The purpose of this assignment is to develop a new way to usetechnology to assist people with their every-day financial affairs. The task is to develop aconcept for a new personal finance app for mobile phones (iOS, Android) that provides a newservice that helps people with their finances.Assignment tasks:(1) Describe the service or function that the app will perform.(2) Describe who would use they app and why (that is, in which ways would it be useful forpeople and why would they use the app). Provide a reasonable estimate of the number ofusers in Australia (that is, people who would buy and use the app). Also provide areasonable estimate at which price you would be able to sell the app.(3) Describe, in detail, how the app would function (e.g., the screens it would show; howusers would interact with it; which computations it would perform; which data, other thanuser input, it would need). The description should be at a level of detail sufficient for aprogrammer to develop a prototype of the app. Use illustrations if you could consider themuseful.(4) Provide a reasonable estimate of the timeline from now until release of the app to themarket.FNCE20003 Personal Finance 个人理财 assignment 代写(5) Provide a reasonable estimate of a financial plan (revenues, expenses; from start ofdevelopment until one year after release of the app to the market).Marks will be allocated as follows:3 Marks – (Visual) presentation of the report (layout, spelling, grammar, etc.)12 Marks – Content of the report (demonstrated knowledge of the topic)3 Marks – OriginalityFNCE20003 Personal Finance 个人理财 assignment 代写

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FNCE20003 Personal Finance 个人理财 assignment 代写


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