Financial statements

Financial statements.


You will be using EDGAR ( and the FASB codification system to research a company’s financial statements and to research a proposed accounting standard for the current or prior year ( liability and equity-type transactions only). You will be creating financial accounting information and commenting on the proposal you selected as it applies to the company you selected. (leaving writer to pick a company of their choice best suited for the proposed standard doc.)

Find a company’s financial statements (Balance Sheet), using the EDGAR database. Use Excel to create an applicable supporting schedule and financial statement(s) that would provide an example of the application of the proposed standard you selected for the company you selected (leaving writer to pick a company of their choice best suited for the proposed standard doc.) Ex. If you have a long-term investment you would make the proposed row to reflect the change based on FASB standard and make a comment on it to show how that change would affected the financial statements of the company you selected from EDGAR.

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Financial statements


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