Event Management/ Planners

Event Management/ Planners.





My Literature review is a scholarly conversation I chose (workplace genres). My topic is Event
Management/planners using genres to communicate such as emails, database, models, tables, programs, etc..
I have 6 sources you need to synthesize and link them together (5 of them are writing studies sources where
they use writing):
-Entry Level Skills for the Event Management Profession: Implications for Curriculum Development. (writing
using tables)
-System Design and Development of a Tween Esteem Event Management System Case. (writing using data
flow, swim lane diagrams..)
-Using Information Communication Technologies to Develop Dynamic Curriculum Frameworks for Diverse
Cohorts: A Case Study from Event Management. (writing using templates in MS Excel, MS Word, and EMBOK
-Language Use in Computer-Mediated Communication: An Investigation into the Genre of Workplace Emails.
(writing in emails)
– Large-Scale Events: New Ways of Working Across the Organization. (writing in conference model)
The one remaining source don’t use writing but you need to link it with others because it shares the same topic.
-Preparing Business Students for a Distributed Workforce and Global Business Environment: Gaining Virtual
Leadership Skills in an Authentic Context
I want APA format
I will provide the instructions+ sample/example + my sources
The Sample contains annotated bibliography just concentrate on the literature review and skip the annotated


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Event Management/ Planners


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