Essay on the Tabernacle

Essay on the Tabernacle.


What is the function and symbolism of the various pieces of furniture and sacred objects in the Tabernacle? (The various charts and graphics on these topics in your FSB and HQBA will be helpful) Especially talk about the Ark of the Covenant, The Golden Lampstand, the Altar of Incense, the Altar of Burnt Offering, and the Table of the Showbread.
Why do you think there were different sections of the Tabernacle with differing degrees of approach to God’s presence? What is the message?
What is the symbolism of the 12 tribes of Israel encamping all around the Tabernacle?
How do any of the objects in the Tabernacle worship or the way things are structured or the sacrificial system point forward to Christ and His work?
Remember to write your essay in a Word document, put the name of the Assignment and your name at the top of the paper, then attach it to the Assignment page.


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Essay on the Tabernacle


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