Economics questions

Economics questions.

a.Did the collapse of Communist regimes in 1989 lead to an actual decline in living standards in early 1990s in Central and Eastern Europe – or was it all a mirage of statistical mismeasurement and misreporting of both pre-1989 and post-1989 conditions?
b.In looking at the political, institutional and economic ramifications of privatization, how were the challenges of privatizing small businesses different from privatizing large-scale enterprises in post-1989 Central and Eastern Europe and how did that affect the success of small vs large privatization policies?
c.What were the positive and the negative consequences of the opening up of Central and East European economies to globalization since 1989? Do the positive ones outweigh the negative ones or vice versa? Why?
d. “The main benefit from joining the EU was the incentive to undertake substantial institutional reform while applying for membership.” Is this a plausible assessment of how the Central and Eastern European countries, who joined the EU in 2004 and 2007, were affected by the whole process of “returning to Europe”?



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Economics questions


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