Dear Writer, below is the The aim of this course:

Dear Writer, below is the The aim of this course:.

Dear Writer, below is the The aim of this course:
its to make students recognize the importance of good and ethical corporate governance and
corporate social responsibility when doing business. This course covers a wide range of subjects related to corporate
governance systems, mechanisms, fundamental theories, and practices. Through developing a critical understanding
of corporate governance practices in a national and international context, the student will be exposed to ethical
reasoning and moral decision-making dilemmas embedded throughout the course.
The required:
Research one of these cases of early corporate collapse:
(Drexel Burnham Lambert: Investment Bank in the United States)
Prepare a brief report (around half a page) outlining the case to facilitate our class discussions.
*what is exactly that happened in the organization & how cooperate governance codes could have mitigated such incidences
*What was the underlying reason for the failure?
*Would today’s corporate governance codes, rules, and regulations have prevented these outcomes?
i need a very clear and simple language, do not use complicated terms.

Dear Writer, below is the The aim of this course:


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