Cyber Policy

Cyber Policy.





As a culmination of your work on your “In the News” U.S. Cyber Policy Topic throughout the semester you will turn in a final research paper on (Tech and Contact Tracing in the Context of COVID 19) The final paper will be no longer than 7 pages and will include the following components:

(Chose one Covid 19 Tracing App and explain how its work) Do not miss a fundamental explanation of what the contact tracing technology function is you are discussing—without that foundational step you are not building on a solid foundation.
Identification of the key technology issues at play regarding your topic in non-technical language.
Articulation of the key policy issues at play with your topic
Comprehensive articulation of the key stakeholders on your issue
Mapping (graphic or otherwise) of where these conversations and debates
are taking place

A description of how this issue has specifically evolved or morphed from
January-April, 2021.

Your predictions for where the future of this debate/topic is headed.
Bibliography and your perspective on the most valuable sources on this topic.


Media sources that could be used:

· Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC (Twitter @CDCgov)

· Twitter @Harvard…

· Stanford Medicine…

· NPR (Twitter @npr)

· World Health Organization

· The Virginia Department of Health

· WebMD

· Nature

· NBC News

· The New York Times

· U.S. News & World Report

· BBC News

· Rochelle Walensky, Twitter account @CDCDirector.

· Dr. Tom Frieden, Twitter account @DrTomFrieden.

· White House COVID-19 Response Team, Twitter account @WHCOVIDResponse

· Andy Slavitt, Twitter account @aslavitt46

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Cyber Policy


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