Characteristics of a medical system

Characteristics of a medical system.


Thinking with the following quote from Singer book:
“In such a system of massive inequality, at the personal level each individual physician must decide what type of doctor to be. Here we do not refer to medical specialty decisions but rather how to think about the source of health problems and, based on this consideration, how to practice medicine. The same is true of all healthcare workers whatever their area of focus, including nurses, dentists, and the array of other healthcare providers that populate the prevailing biomedical system. One can practice conventional biomedicine, focusing narrowly on the clinical presentation of the health complaints of patients providing the level of care allowable by for-profit insurance companies, engaging thereby in disease management rather than the promotion of health and social well-being, or one can choose to recognize and act on a understanding of health as socially constructed by the experiences and conditions of life.”
Critically analyzing the Singer and Allen book, films, and regular lectures from the past three (3) weeks. Your response should demonstrate an understanding the Critical Medical Anthropology (CMA) perspective on the role that social, political, and economic inequalities play in health outcomes.
1) Describe the characteristics of a medical system based on the “social medicine” model that Singer and Allen present throughout the book.
2) And as a fellow healthcare provider, what is the most significant insight you gleaned from Dr. Gould’s lifelong journey through out our current medical system?


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Characteristics of a medical system


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