Assessment 2 Report BUSM4323 Introduction to Management semester 1 2017  Page 1RMIT UNIVERSITYSEMESTER 1 2017BUSM4323 INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENTASSESSMENT 2 TASK EXPLANATIONPlease read all the requirements carefully, discuss with your lecturer in charge as re – submissionsare not allowed.Assessment 2 (30%). Interview ReportIndividual – assessment.TOPIC: “The manager’s changing environment”This is a written individual assessment submitted through Turnitin via the ITM course BlackboardLearning Platform.Due: end of week 9 (Sunday of week 9 until 23:59 pm)TASK REQUIREMENTS:Interview someone who has been a manager for more than three years in anorganisation/business. Find out as much as you can about their job. Briefly describe the technical, conceptual and interpersonal skills they need to do the job. Explain the five management functions that have traditionally described a manager’s roleand ask your interviewee how these functions relate to their job and the distribution oftheir activities; ask them to provide an example for each.At the conclusion ask them what is the biggest single lesson they have learned as a manager?You will also need to ask specific questions about their role and tasks; then prepare a report.To help you gather required information the following questions and structure has been prepared.THE REPORT STRUCTURE AND QUESTIONS:1. Introduction  The name of the organisation/business  Brief outline of the organisation/ business core activities  The name of your manager  The position title/the job title, and their position/role placement in the context of the wholeorganisation  Explanation of the technical, conceptual and interpersonal skills needed by your interviewee  The five managerial functions- distribution of the functions across the manager’s activities inthe organisation.2. Body  What has changed over the last couple of years in the organisation/business?  How the five management functions relate to the distribution of the managers’ dailyactivities?  How has their job changed over the last couple of years?  What do they like most and least about their job?  What is the most challenging and most rewarding part of their job?  Do they feel being a part of the overall management team?Assessment 2 Report BUSM4323 Introduction to Management semester 1 2017  Page 2  What training have they received to do their job?  What if any influence do their organisation’s “internal politics” and “organisational culture”have on their ability to apply ethical management practice?  What skills do they think they need to move forward? Provide an example if possible.  What is the biggest single lesson they have learned as a manager?3. Summary  From your interview what are the main issues managers must deal with today that theydidn’t deal with say 20 years ago?  Summarise the skills qualities, characteristics, and abilities needed to be a successfulmanager.  What would be the benchmark for you?4. Reference:  Harvard referencing style  Minimum 5 academic references  Organisation/business contact details e.g. an e-mail address, business address, phonenumber etc.SUBMISSION FORMAT:  Report structure  Minimum of 5 academic references to be utilised (no internet websites, Wikipedia or anyother short reference web based material allowed). However relevant and legitimateacademic literature published via internet is accepted. For this assessment please use RMITlibrary data base, and academic reference search engines.  Reference list must be provided  Word count must be provided at the end of your paper  Harvard Referencing Style must be observed  Follow Marking Rubric for academic requirements (available via Blackboard LearningPlatform)REPORT Requirements:  Minimum 1500 – maximum 1750 words (20% from the overall mark will be deducted ifmaximum word limit is exceeded, similarly 20% of overall mark will be deducted if minimumword limit is not achieved).  Font Calibri 11, Times New Roman 12, Arial 10  Space 1.5  Number pages of your paper  Use report format with clear division of sections  Please use spell check  Please observe punctuation, syntax, and grammar rules. Use SLAMS for assistance (level 3room 18)  Word count at the end of your paper (reference list excluded from the word count)  RMIT cover page to be included in your submission via Turnitin. Cover page is available inWord format on Blackboard, attach your paper at the end of the cover page document so itbecomes a one continuous document.Assessment 2 Report BUSM4323 Introduction to Management semester 1 2017  Page 3  RMIT Cover page will generate a high similarity report through Turnitin. Please ignore this asthe number generated by the RMIT Cover Page will be deducted from the overall similarityreport. Please aim for no more than 15% similarity.RMIT COVER PAGE  should include the following information:o Course code BUSM4323 Introduction to Management for students in Diploma ofCommerceo Program Code DP003 Diploma of Commerceo Your GROUP code e.g. DC1A, DC2B etc.o Your lecturer title, name and surname, e.g. Mr John Citizen, Ms Jane Smith, Dr ChrisBrown, Prof Ian Xia, Mrs Lora Greyo Date of submission and due dateo Title of submission e.g. Assessment 2 REPORT “The manager’s changingenvironment”o Mark Value 30%o Your name and surname, student ID and Signature

BUSM4323 INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT ASSESSMENT 2 代写PLEASE NOTE:  Turnitin will be open from week 3. Students can submit their report paper as many times asthey like until close of date and time to check for similarity content. Every time your paper isuploaded to Turnitin the previous one is erased. Please make sure that you allow plenty oftime for your final submission as Turnitin gets busy towards the final hour and upload ofyour document can take from a few seconds to a couple of hours which will result youmissing out on submission time, as once deadline passes you will be cut off.  Harvard referencing style is strictly followed with all written submissions. Please follow therules as marks will be deducted for “sloppy” work.  Report without referencing and reference list will be awarded ZERO marks.  PLAGIARISM IS AN ACADEMIC OFFENCE


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