Becoming masters of public speaking

Becoming masters of public speaking.




Toastmasters is an incredible organization helping individuals become masters of public speaking. One way to become a better public speaker is to watch/observe individuals who have mastered the art.

Watch this video:

Luisa Montalvo, 2nd place winner of 2019 World Championship of Public Speaking® (链接到外部网站。)Luisa Montalvo, 2nd place winner of 2019 World Championship of Public Speaking®

Luisa Montalvo, World Championship of Public Speaking 2nd Place 2019, “First Impressions”

In your text submission, answer the following questions in paragraph form:

How did Luisa begin her speech? Did she gain your attention from the beginning? Why or why not?
Thinking of delivery skills, how did she utilize the floor space? How was her volume, pace, and eye contact with the audience?
Did Luisa use the concept of storytelling? How so?
What props did she use? Were they effective, why or why not?
Luisa talks about first impressions, what was your first impression of her after her introduction ? Did you have any stereotypes about her? By the end, did your impression change or was your stereotype incorrect?
What statement did she make at the very end about herself? Was her honesty important here, how so? Can you be that honest in your speeches, or even in life?
What public speaking skills can you take from this speech and apply to your own speeches in class and/or in the future? (i.e. what did you think was effective that you hope to use in your next speech)
What life lesson can you/did you learn from this speech?


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Becoming masters of public speaking


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