BEA705 Financial Institutions and Markets 代写

BEA705 Financial Institutions and Markets 代写.

BEA705 Financial Institutions and Markets  代写

 BEA705 Financial Institutions and Markets – Assignment, S2, 2017INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENTTasmanian School of Business and Economics, University of TasmaniaLecturer: Dr Biplob ChowdhuryDue Date: Week 11 – Monday 2 nd October at 11.59pmWord Length: The report length is limited to 2000 words. Students are requiredto work and submit the assignment INDIVIDUALLY.Course Weighting: 20%

BEA705 Financial Institutions and Markets  代写You were workg as a financial risk analyst in Prospect Bank – a small bank in Australia.The bank was in process of review their market risk measurement and management.Your boss – Katherine- believed that Prospect Bank should apply the approaches of thfour largest Australian banks to Prospect Bank. Thus, Katherine had asked you to preparea report to review the approaches of these four largest Australian banks to market riskmeasurement and management. The report length is limited to 2000 words.You will need to go to the websites of each of the four largest Australian banks includingNational Australia ; Commonwealth Bank of Australia; Australia and New ZealandBank and Westpac Bank. In their websites, you will need to download their latest annualreport. From their latest annual report, find their approaches to market riskmeasurement and management.In your report, you will need to do the following tasks:1) Summarise different categories of market risks defined in the annual reports.2) Compare the methodologies these four largest banks use to measure and managemarket risks.3) Discuss advantages and disadvantages of each methodology used by these four banksin measuring market risks. Note that you will need to do research to support yourarguments in this part.2Presentation Guidelines:You are expected to write this assignment in Word or PDF format in a clear and logicalmanner and should include a cover page available on the TSBE website at: ONE file is allowed for submission.The report length is limited to 2000 words. The final mark will be deducted forexcessive words.Assignments must be typed. Please, keep a copy of your assignment as well.You must use size 12 font Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing, 1-inch margins and 1-inchtop/bottom margins. Tables can be single-spaced and the font size should not be smallerthan 8pt; and tables must be numbered sequentially using Arabic numerals. Anyillustrations used must be very clear and easy to understand.Reference Guidelines:Citation in text: Please ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in theference list (and vice versa). Unpublished results and personal communications are notrecommended in the reference list.Web references: As a minimum, the full URL should be given and the date when thewas last accessed. Any further information, if known (DOI, author names, dates,reference to a source publication, etc.), should also be given.You must provide full references to sources used in your assignment. You arerecommended to use the Harvard referencing system detailed at: guidelines:Your assignment must be submitted electronically via the Dropbox on MyLO. Theelectronic copy should be lodged via MyLO no later than 11:59 pm on Monday 2 ndOctober, 2017. ONLY ONE submission is allowed.The submitted filename must specific your surname and your student ID, for example“Surname_Student ID”.If you have problems submitting your assignment, you MUST contact your lecturerimmediately explaining the situation by email AND attach your assignment in the emailbefore the due time. In your email, you must clearly identify in the title of your email thatyou experiencing a problem in BEA705. In the body of the email, explain the specificproblem.The late assessment, Extension Policy and Academic Misconduct policy applies. Please referto these policies in the Unit Outline.
BEA705 Financial Institutions and Markets  代写

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BEA705 Financial Institutions and Markets 代写


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