Analysis of Song of Solomon.

Analysis of Song of Solomon..

Lena tree – Milkman, symbolizing the weakening effect of milk man against people around the milkman, destroyed Collins’ lifetime. The influence is indifferent, I do not know what he needs and do not give. The theme of identity is further emphasized The tree represents the identity of Milkman and the insight into Rena’s Milkman. Direction – Milkman tends to look back on the event and is not going ahead from the past. Every character has a sense of purpose, Milkman has no sense of purpose, Milkman knows details about what is behind it. Battle for control of Solomon’s song In Tony Morrison’s novel “Song of Solomon” the idea of ​​being completely independent and the idea of ​​flying that completely symbolizes indifference to the surrounding world is a notable concept. But the protagonist Milkman believes that this freedom is beyond his scope; he feels that he can not escape from his family’s request and is satisfied at the same time. – In Toro Morrison’s novel “Solomon’s Song”, the flight is used as a literal metaphor and figurative symbol. Each character who chose to fly in the novel “removes” difficult or seemingly impossible situations. But by choosing to flee, people also intentionally choose to abandon families and community members. Toni Morrison’s novel “Song of Solomon” tells African-American men who pursue his personality by discovering the past of his fathers. Morrison tells stories through the role of Milk Manded’s grandfather Solomon. By understanding the story of Solomon and his rapidly rising ability, Milkman discovers a strong satisfaction in his legacy and understands that he must cherish his community and family. – Write this theme and think about the old Schoolhouse Rock song “Three Ringed Circus”. In this song, as the title suggests, a small boy will explain the government system as a circle of 3 yen. Each ring is bonded to one another, one of which is identical to the other. The rings are separate and overall, and you can control what happens with other rings.



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Analysis of Song of Solomon.


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