6 Instructions

6 Instructions.

Instructions Unit V PowerPoint Risk Assessment Compliance The purpose of the PowerPoint presentation is to correlate the compliance with applicable laws to the risk management scope. This is important in mitigating the strategies in the risk management plan. From the list below, select one of the laws/compliance for your PowerPoint presentation: 1. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, 2. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, 3. Federal Information Security Management Act, 4. Sarbanes-Oxley Act, 5. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or 6. Children’s Internet Protection Act.
 Once you have selected one of the laws from the list above, create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following items. 1. Explain how the compliances associated with the law impact business procedures. 2. Select at least two of the risk management scope topics, and summarize their function. 3. Explain what countermeasures you would utilize for the selected scope topics. Your presentation must be at least five slides in length including title and reference slides. Slides two, three, and four must contain a minimum of two graphics (pictures, photographs, or graphs). Your slides must contain speaker notes.
You are required to use at least two resources in your presentation; one of which must be your textbook, and one must be from the CSU Online Library. Your reference slide and in-text citations must be in APA style.


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6 Instructions


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